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The Common

The Common is an area in excess of 100 acres adjoining, but distinct from the Recreation Ground. It is administered by trustees, elected triennially by those on the Commoners Roll.

The Recreation Ground is administered by a Council approved 527 Committee.

Commons originated in the medieval system of cultivation of lands in England. A township was surrounded by the arable land, cultivated in strips by each householder, by meadows and pastures and by the waste. From this waste each householder as entitled to take wood for repairs and fuel.

When the fields were under crops and the meadows laid up for hay, the waste was used to support the horses and oxen needed for the plow, and the cows and sheep, who contributed their manure.

Each householder then had the right to turn out his beasts to graze on the waste; and in the developed terminology of the law, exercisaber over the waste, or common.

Any type of profit may be held in common.

There are five categories.

A common of pasture is perhaps the most frequent. It confers to the right to take away the grass and herbage by the mouth of cattle.

Often the cattle are limited to the number Levant and Couchant on the land of the commoners, i.e. The number which their other land is capable of maintaining during the winter.

The Common may however, be sans nombre ("without stint"), though even here the number is limited to the amount of common is capable of maintaining. (ENCYE Britannica)

The area was notified for a temporary common on the November 10th 1909 (the reserve for public recreation was dedicated first of February 1893).

Dedication of the common

The villagers of Wollombi are fortunate indeed to have a Common available for it's original purpose, surely a vital feature in our heritage.