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Rural Fire Service
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See also the Australian Early Warning Network website to register for alerts to your email or mobile phone, and the Mangrove Alerts Community System which seems to cover Murrays Run and Laguna.

Fire Permits are required for burning off in the Bush Fire Period - 1 October 2014 to 31 March 2015

Lighting any fire in the open will require the issue of a permit from NSW Rural Fire Service. Fire permits are free and may be issued for max 21 days (weather permitting).

Who do you call? Your local Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade Permit Officer:

Tony Hawkins 0419 597 011
Ian Bawden 0427 983 226
Charles Smith 4998 3440

Peter Herborn  4998 8349
Paul Milgate  4998 8356

Jerry Retford 4998 8130

If you are uncertain about which area you are in, or for further information, call Lower Hunter Fire Control on 02 4015 0000 during business hours.

Don't leave it to the last moment to call. The Permit issuers are volunteers and can take a few days to get issued.

Penalties do apply for non-compliance for illegal fires.

All of the following links are on the RFS website.