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By Peter Firminger

This page contains some of the hundreds of plant species found in the region. We have used the current scientific names and common names as per the Botanic Gardens Trust's PlantNET website, along with a few colloquial common names.

A search for "Wollombi NSW" in their Spacial search will return many more with links to family, genus and species descriptions. We also recommend the Australian National Botanic Gardens Plant Image Index for wonderful images to aid identification.

Species: Angophora floribunda
Family: Myrtaceae
Common Names: Apple, Rough-barked Apple

Species: Callitris endlicheri
Family: Cupressaceae
Common Name: Black cypress pine

Species: Acacia decurrens
Family: Fabaceae - Mimosoideae
Common Names: Black Wattle, Green Wattle

Species: Callicoma serratifolia
Family: Cunoniaceae
Common Names: Black wattle, Green Wattle

Species: Eucalyptus pilularis
Family: Myrtaceae
Common Name: Blackbutt

Species: Bursaria spinosa
Family: Pittosporaceae
Common Names: Blackthorn, Boxthorn, Sweet Bursaria

Species: Elaeocarpus reticulatus
Family: Elaeocarpaceae
Common Names: Blueberry Ash, Ash Quandong, Blue Olive berry, Fairy Petticoats, Fringe Tree, Koda, Lily of the valley Tree, Scrub Ash

Species: Eucalyptus agglomerata
Family: Myrtaceae
Common Name: Blue-leaved stringybark

Species: Isopogon anemonifolius
Family: Proteaceae
Common Name: Broad-leaf Drumsticks

Species: Syzygium paniculatum
Family: Myrtaceae
Common Names: Brush Cherry, Daguba (Cadigal)

Species: Hibbertia scandens
Family: Dilleniaceae
Common Name: Climbing Guinea Flower

Species: Petrophile sessilis
Family: Proteaceae
Common Name: Conesticks

Species: Allocasuarina verticillata
Family: Casuarinaceae
Common Name: Drooping Sheoak

Species: Angophora hispida
Family: Myrtaceae
Common Names: Dwarf Apple, Banda (Cadigal)

Species: Eucalyptus moluccana
Family: Myrtaceae
Common Name: Grey box

Species: Eucalyptus punctata
Family: Myrtaceae
Common Names: Grey ironbark, Grey Gum

Species: Grevillea buxifolia
Family: Proteaceae
Common Name: Grey spider flower

Species: Banksia aemula
Family: Proteaceae
Common Names: Honeysuckle, Wallum Banksia

Species: Eucalyptus rossii
Family: Myrtaceae
Common Name: Inland Scribbly Gum

Species: Brachychiton populneus
Family: Sterculiaceae
Common Name: Kurrajong

Species: Persoonia linearis
Family: Proteaceae
Common Name: Narrow-leaved Geebung

Species: Eucalyptus crebra
Family: Myrtaceae
Common Name: Narrow-leaved ironbark

Species: Ceratopetalum gummiferum
Family: Cunoniaceae
Common Names: New South Wales Christmas-bush, Christmas Bush

Species: Corymbia gummifera
Family: Myrtaceae
Common Name: Red bloodwood

Species: Casuarina cunninghamiana
Family: Casuarinaceae
Common Names: River Oak, River Sheoak

Species: Eucalyptus haemastoma
Family: Myrtaceae
Common Name: Scribbly gum

Species: Pimelea linifolia
Family: Thymelaeaceae
Common Name: Slender Rice Flower

Species: Corymbia maculata
Family: Corymbia~maculata
Common Name: Spotted Gum

Species: Eucalyptus oblonga
Family: Myrtaceae
Common Name: Stringybark

Species: Acacia terminalis
Family: Fabaceae - Mimosoideae
Common Name: Sunshine wattle

Species: Casuarina glauca
Family: Casuarinaceae
Common Names: Swamp Oak, Guman (Cadigal)

Species: Melaleuca ericifolia
Family: Myrtaceae
Common Name: Swamp paperbark

Species: Acacia suaveolens
Family: Fabaceae - Mimosoideae
Common Name: Sweet wattle

Species: Angophora costata
Family: Myrtaceae
Common Names: Sydney Red Gum, Rusty Gum, Smooth-barked Apple

Species: Syncarpia glomulifera
Family: Myrtaceae
Common Name: Turpentine

Species: Cissus hypoglauca
Family: Vitaceae
Common Name: Water vine

Species: Melia azedarach
Family: Meliaceae
Common Names: White Cedar, Chinaberry Tree

Species: Eucalyptus acmenoides
Family: Myrtaceae
Common Name: White mahogany

Species: Jacksonia scoparia
Family: Fabaceae - Faboideae
Common Names: Winged Broom-pea, Dogwood

Species: Pandorea pandorana
Family: Bignoniaceae
Common Name: Wonga wonga vine