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Privacy and Terms

The Wollombi Valley Community Website is administered by Peter Firminger (webboy.net) for the Greater Wollombi Communities Alliance Inc. (GWCA).

Terms and Conditions

You agree that you are subscribing only your own email address (or an email address that you are authorised to subscribe) and that anything posted by you to the Wollombi Valley Online web site may become a permanently available public resource.

Your subscribed email address is used only by the email list server for your subscription and for your login to this site. It will never be provided by us to any other party for any reason.

If you post a Business Directory listing or are the contact for one of the other community groups, the email address will only be displayed to users that are logged in. Our confirmation process ensures that robots and spambots never see the email addresses.

In short, we won't spam you and we won't sell or give your address away.

Business directory listings will also be used for a printed directory, and should be informative, but should not form a "hard sell" advertisement. These are directory listings, not advertisements. We withhold the right to adjust your listing and clean up any HTML code used in the listings.

We reserve the right to remove any Business Directory listing that is deemed to be out of the area or otherwise inappropriate. This decision is totally at the discretion of the publisher and no correspondence will be entered into.

It should also be said that the "Wollombi Valley Business Directory" - in both online (ISSN: 1835-2871) and paper (ISSN: 1835-2863) forms - is a Copyright © work owned by GWCA as stated in the footer of those pages and on the printed document. Mining and derivative re-use of these collective data elsewhere without written permission and full attribution to the source, will result in legal action.

You understand that whenever you log into the site, your IP address will be logged and that any malicious behaviour (including subscribing a non-authorised email address, using any foul language on the website or using the discussion list to send spam) will have you banned from the discussion list and the website, and may result in legal action.

These conditions are subject to change without notice. Please check back here often to keep up to date. The date of this revision is in the footer below.

GWCA values your interest and the time you spend on the Wollombi Valley Community Website (wollombi.nsw.au). We are strongly committed to protecting your privacy.

The Privacy Policy and Plan

This Privacy Statement explains GWCA privacy practices related to the content and use of its websites.

Collection of information

1. Automatic logging of information [site visit data]

IP addresses are used to administer the website and to diagnose problems. An IP (Internet Protocol address) is the address of a computer. We may use it to track your session, with the information used for statistical purposes e.g. numbers and frequency of visitors to the website.

When you visit our website to read pages or download information, the following information is automatically collected - the user's IP address, the user's top level domain name (e.g. .com, .gov, .au etc), the date and time of the visit to the site, the pages accessed and documents downloaded, the referring site and the type of browser/operating system used. No attempt will be made to identify users or their browsing activities except in the unlikely event of an investigation, where a law enforcement agency may exercise a warrant to inspect the Internet Service Provider's lo