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Wollombi Endeavour Museum

Wollombi Endeavour Museum Logo Housed in the historic stone Wollombi Courthouse (circa 1866), Wollombi Endeavour Museum contains an interesting collection from the rich colonial past of the Wollombi and Cessnock districts.

Souvenirs, walking maps, local and family history literature are available.

The museum is in Wollombi Village opposite Wollombi Tavern, a tourist information board is located in front of the museum on the main road and there is a shaded picnic table in grounds.

Entry fee to the Museum: Adults $2, Children free.

The Courthouse

Wollombi Courthouse is a listed historic building. The Museum Committee is responsible for its maintenance, not an inexpensive task with an 1866 building. Many maintenance projects have been undertaken. Funding for these is usually through grants, but most grants are given on a dollar for dollar basis. The Museum must, and does, undertake fundraising. Some completed projects are:

The Collection

The collection is varied in interest (agricultural, industrial and social history) and time (from colonial times to today). The collection is regularly inspected . We seek conservation advice from museum experts. Clearer, informative labeling is an ongoing project.

The area for display, and especially storage, is limited because of the design and size of the building. The Management Committee is currently reviewing displays to best utilize space and to show the courtroom and the collection to best advantage. The matter of storage is being addressed, so that proper conservation practice can be implemented in terms of a display/rest cycle.

Displays and Programs for the Local and Regional Communities

Displays relevant to the local area include:

Servicing Groups in the Community

Visits by special interest groups, such as Probus Clubs and retirement villages. These can be package tours which include a Museum visit and a meal at a local café, or a tailor-made tour, which includes the Museum and a guided tour of Wollombi Village or the wider district.

Visits by Senior Citizens groups. Not only do our senior citizens enjoy the Museum, the Museum often learns valuable local information from these 'experts'.

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