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Hunter Valley Vineyard Association Inc

The Hunter Valley Vineyard Association Inc. exists to assist its members in their participation in the Hunter Valley wine industry in all its facets from viticulture through winemaking, sales and wine tourism.

Membership is open to individuals or companies who are involved in the commercial growing of grapes and or the production of wine.

Whilst the HVVA has a committee as its governing body, the Objects and Rules of the HVVA provide for a Sub-Committee system which allows direct participation in the operations of the HVVA for all members who wish to be involved in the specific areas of the various Sub-Committees.

The HVVA is the peak body for the Hunter Valley wine industry and to facilitate the broadest possible membership from all the sub regions the Association has in place a rebate system. This rebate system returns to the sub region a $150 per HVVA member per annum who is also a member of the sub-region organisation to assist it in approved promotional activities. The promotional activities of the sub-region should be intended to assist in the maintenance of the Hunter Valley as Australia's premier wine region. The HVVA has built the Hunter Valley Wine Show to the point where it is recognised as a Bench Mark example of a regional wine show.

The promotional activities of the HVVA have a direct impact on tourism in the area and the HVVA is recognised as the peak organisation for the Hunter when dealing with local, state and federal organisations.

Without continuing improvement in the quality of grapes produced in the Hunter Valley, the very basis of the industry would be at risk. To provide leadership and access to knowledge there is a Viticulture Sub-Committee, the Sub-Committee is active in co-ordinating Government supported research and sponsoring symposia on important viticultural issues. Whilst these activities are open to non-members, members are entitled to a significant discount in cost of attendance.

Similar activities are sponsored by the Technical Sub-Committee, addressing winemaking and other issues.

The HVVA is active in representing the interest of its members at Local, State and Federal Government levels. The HVVA provides the conduit to the peak wine industry bodies and as such is used by organisations such as the Wine & Brandy Corporation to communicate with the members of the Hunter Valley wine industry.

As can be seen from the above it is important that the HVVA has the widest possible membership so that it can speak effectively for the industry.

The structure of the Sub-Committee system means, that individual members have an opportunity to input directly to all the activities of the HVVA in which they have a special interest.

Finally, the broad scope of the activities of the HVVA leave me confident that you will recognise that it is essential for the success of your activities in the wine industry to have a strong broadly based organisation which includes you or your company as a member.


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