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Wildlife Aid 24hr Hotline

ABN: 33 166 700 268

If you find a distressed, injured or orphaned native animal or if you have an unwelcome native animal in your backyard or in your workplace call Wildlife Aid on 04 4766 7737, our telephone operators will arrange for the necessary rescue, relocation or foster care until the animal is ready for release back into the wild.

Native fauna does not respond well to human contact, the stress of handling can be fatal to an injured animal, follow our Basic Rescue tips and call us immediately, even a short delay can affect the animals chance of survival.

Do not provide food or water for a sick, injured or stressed animal, native fauna require a specialised diet and have a minimal chance of survival without it. It is illegal to keep native fauna even if orphaned or injured, they must be passed on to a licensed rescue and rehabilitation group as soon as possible.

PO Box 619
Singleton NSW 2330

Mobile: 04 4766 7737
Website (53 referrals): Wildlife Aid 24hr Hotline
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